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Atomic Learning videos not playing


I click on the title and nothing happens

Your pop-up blocker is preventing the pop-up to appear.
Go into your web browser settings and "enable" pop-ups.
On MNPS computers, you may need to click on a bar at the top or bottom of your browser window and permit pop-ups from Blackboard.

I click on the title and a new window appears, but there is no sound
Be sure that you have your sound turned on and adjusted to hear the audio.
On some MNPS computers, headphones may be needed if external speakers are not connected.
I click on the title, a new window appears and it says...
Your Atomic Learning subscription may have expired or your user account may be inactive. Please contact your Blackboard System Administrator for assistance.

You need an email address in Blackboard© for the Atomic Learning© site to allow you access to the content.  Follow these steps to add an email to Blackboard©:
1.    Click on your name in the upper right corner of the Blackboard© window.
2.    In the drop down menu, select "Settings".
3.    Click on "Personal Infomation".
4.    Choose "Edit Personal Information".
5.    Type an email address* in the "Email" field and click submit.
6.    Return to this course and navigate to this module.  The links will now allow you to access the content.
*Your teacher MNPS email follows this pattern:

I click on the title and receive a plug-in error
Atomic Learning© videos are Flash based, you will need to be sure that your Flash Player is updated before the videos will work.
If you are on an MNPS computer, you will need to fill out a help ticket by sending an email to:

None of these situations address what I'm seeing, what do I do now?
Click on the "Submit Help Request" link in the navigation menu and fill out a Blackboard help ticket.
Please let us know the following:
•    Who you are.
•    What class you are encountering the issue.
•    What module you are encountering the issue.
•    That the issue is related to the use of Atomic Learning in Blackboard.
•    Any steps you have tried to fix the issue.

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